K&A Profile 关于奇艺

Who is K&A Models?

K&A Models is a global leading architectural exhibits solution provider in Hong Kong, China and Middle East. We specialize in designing, making and delivering precision scale architectural models, perspective rendering and 3D animation for world leading property developers and real estate companies, architects, designers and agencies.

Since starting the business in 1993, we have designed and completed more than 7000+ projects spanning over 32+ countries (over 70 cities) across 5 continents of the world and we have earned a strong reputation as the industry's premier architectural model maker and exhibits producer.

We position ourselves as a second-to-none architectural exhibits solution provider with unparalleled expertise and global exposure. We are dedicated to provide best-in-class quality deliverables supported by professional consultancy service around the globe, no matter where you are and what you require, at effective cost.




正因为我们有着经验丰富的项目经理, 制作专家及世界性视野,使到我们成为全球首屈一指的建筑模型制作和咨询服务公司的定位更加稳固。无论您身处在哪里,有什么要求,我们也全心全意为客户们提供最专业和优质的模型制作咨询服务,当然也符合客户的成本效益。

Why K&A Models?

K&A Models' production centers and workshops boast areas of totally 55,000 square feet in Hong Kong and China. It's well equipped with the state-of-the-art tools and machines. We have 10 sets of CNC milling and laser-cutting machines, and 80+ sets of advanced computers. More importantly, we have 150+ professional model makers and technicians, under the leadership of 15 seasoned project managers and consultants.

We pride ourselves on unparalleled quality, differentiated efficiency, and client-oriented service. We are committed to providing internationally recognised quality architectural models and consultancy services to meet client's presentation and creative needs. Every details of craftsmanship is under strict supervision by our project and quality assurance teams to ensure the provision of world-class deliverables and services for clients.

With our vast worldwide model-making experience, you can always be assured of getting the best quality of deliverables and services at K&A.





One Stop Model Making Solution

K&A Models understands that our valuable clients rely on our architectural deliverables as important tools for serving their marketing and presentation needs. Our consulting project teams are committed to manage every project with great attention to details from initial briefing and consultancy stage to final model delivery as well as post-delivery.

Our aim has always been to enable clients to vividly visualize the whole architectural designing concept via a realistic and classic presentation in order to impress target audiences and maximize client's return on investment.




K&A Model Making Procedures

  • Step 1: Requirement Collection and Consulting
  • Step 2: Fit-for-purpose Pricing & Proposal
  • Step 3: Pre-works and Model Sample Production
  • Step 4: Model Fabrication and Perfection
  • Step 5: Model Delivery and Presentation
  • Step 6: Post-delivery & Maintenance Service


  • 第一阶段:收集项目数据及进行咨询
  • 第二阶段:提供切合客人所需的报价单和计划书
  • 第三阶段:规划「制作程序表」及制作模型样版
  • 第四阶段:模型制作及监修
  • 第五阶段:模型运送及展示
  • 第六阶段:售后服务及保养事宜

K&A's Clients Highlight




Works and Model Effects

K&A Models' works cover a dazzling array of:

  • Master planning and Mixed-use development
  • Commercial and residential buildings development
  • Airports, government and university buildings
  • Hospitality, casinos and hotels
  • Cultural and theme parks
  • Healthcare facilities, recreational and sports facilities
  • Interior floor planning, furniture and exhibits
  • Perspective rendering and 3D animation visualization

The model effects include but not limited to the followings:

  • Model programming sync with iPad control panel, dynamic color LED lighting, sound (voice over) and smoke effect, customized interactive & animated touch screen panel.
  • Mechanical setting for model movements including lifts, cars, trains, cruise, cabins, hill, roof, etc.
  • People in motion, dancing couple, swimming and racing, etc.
  • Realistic & dynamic water motion effects for fountain, waterfall, wave, etc.



  • 总体规划及多用途发展
  • 商业及住宅项目
  • 机场、政府及大学楼宇
  • 酒店业及博彩业相关项目
  • 文化项目及主题公园
  • 医疗保健设施、休闲度假及运动设施
  • 室内家具布局设计展示
  • 三维动画及效果图


  • 利用 iPad 控制平台同步监控模型、动态LED灯、声音 (旁白)及烟雾效果、自定义互动功能及动态轻触式控制。
  • 包括升降机、汽车、铁路、邮轮、船只、山峦、屋檐等可装置在模型中的活动式机械。
  • 动态人体模型,如跳舞、游泳、竞赛等。
  • 像真度极高及生动的水的效果,例如喷泉、瀑布、浪花等。

Team 团队

Kevin Tsui

Kevin Tsui is Managing Director of K&A Models which is founded in 1993. Kevin is a model-making expert with more than 20 years model design, production and management experience with MBA qualification, and currently managing K&A Models Group in China, Hong Kong, and United Arab Emirates with more than 300 professional model-makers, technicians, and seasoned project managers. More than thousands of models under Kevin's execution have been delivered and displayed all around the world and contributed in many major international development projects. Kevin always has unparalleled enthusiasm to prove all ideas are possible on models and "making impossible to possible" is his mission.



Alice Leung

Alice Leung is Director of K&A Models. Alice has more than 15 years corporate strategic planning, marketing and management experience. With her rich business planning and management experience, she is now heading and directing Hong Kong and China offices with strong passion for expanding client base and achieving significant growth across the worldwide markets through K&A's top-quality models and client-oriented consultancy service. Satisfying clients' project needs is Alice's top-of-mind affair in business.

Alice Leung


Bryan Wan

Bryan Wan is Marketing Director of K&A Models. Bryan has over 10 years international marketing, project development and management as well as client consultancy experience on architectural and industrial design models covering mixed-use, master planning, and government projects etc. spreading over 7 continents around the world. Bryan is currently responsible for marketing and developing the global markets and managing international key accounts through well-developed partnership, accompanied by unparalleled model quality and truly second-to-none service excellence. Bryan also specializes in managing the perspective rendering and 3D animation projects across the globe.

Bryan's motto is "client's satisfaction and project's success surpass everything!"

Bryan Wan

云先生是K&A的市场拓展总监。他在国际市场贸易、项目发展及管理方面有超过10年的丰富经验。此外,他也非常擅长于顾客咨询服务方面,负责管理的客户遍及全球,曾负责的项目如混合式用途建筑、大型规划、政府项目等建筑或工业模型。他现时主要负责开拓和管理国际建筑模型, 建筑效果图和3D动画的项目,并且配合着高质素的制作技术和认真专业的服务态度,与良好的合作伙伴和重点客户一同迈向成功。他的个人座右铭是「顾客的满意度和项目成功胜过一切」。

Lok Leung

Lok Leung is Regional Director of K&A Models. Lok has over 18 years rich experience on architectural, urban and interior design models that ranging from commercials, residential, master plans, government facilities to mixed-use development projects spreading over 30 cities covering diverse types of local, overseas and world-class models. Lok is currently overseeing the projects across North America, Europe and Asia as well as liaising with key clients from projects inception to completion; leading project managers on all relevant projects to ensure the highest model quality and differentiated service excellence throughout the process.

Lok's wholehearted contribution to making every project's success reflects on his insistence on attending to every single detail for each project.

Lok Leung


Ken Tong

Ken Tong is Senior Project Manager of K&A Models. He has practiced and mastered in architectural model production for more than 16 years' experience. His expertise lies in innovating model making techniques, landscape design and technical drawings such as AutoCAD, 3DMax, Rhino and Sketch Up, CorelDraw, etc. Ken is currently leading and training hundreds of model makers and technicians and he has very strong passion and commitment in managing and carrying model quality from great to greatest and never compromises on seeking higher standard.

Ken Tong

唐先生是K&A的高级项目经理。在模型制作方面,他有超过16年熟练的经验,并且了解整个制作流程。他擅于创作模型、景观设计,以及精通如AutoCAD, 3DMax, Rhino, Sketch Up 和 CorelDraw等设计和图像处理软件。他现时负责管理, 带领及陪训超过一百名专业模型制作技师。他对模型制作非常投入,致力把模型制作水平不断升华,为了追求模型的完美展示而从不妥协。

Calvin Lo

Calvin Lo is a seasoned Project Manager of K&A Team. Calvin has over 10 years' experience in managing diverse types of projects including but not limited to master planning, mixed-use, commercial and residential, interior as well as winning competition architectural models. Calvin is currently handling and serving a number of key accounts with great passion to exceeding clients' needs and wants.

Calvin is currently a HK government certified electrical technician with professional qualification.



Ben Patten

Ben Patten is currently the head of the Design and Engraving Department and his expertise lies in CAD drafting, acid etching, laser-cutting, CNC milling, and etc. Ben is a widely recognized expert with over 13 years in the production of various types of architectural, industrial, and artistic models. Ben is particularly specialized in designing and manufacturing high-rise towers, commercial complex development and interior models.

Ben provides exceptional expertise in managing projects throughout all phases of the production process ranging from conceptual design, competition to master planning, etc. What's more, Ben has a strong proven record of successfully completing wide ranges of key projects with clients' compliments and numerous repeat businesses from old clienteles which truly reflect clients' satisfaction obtained from every project managed by Ben.

Ben is a talented model-making expert and a key member driving the K&A standard to highest level ever!





Anfy is one of the most experienced project managers of K&A Team and has graduated in 1999 majoring in Industrial and Civil Construction. After graduation, Anfy has dedicated himself in architectural model-making industry for over 14 years. Anfy is well equipped with solid experience in the field of model planning, design and custom-production. Besides, the types of models that he is also very familiar with making include master planning, proposed development, bidding and competition, residential, interior, cultural (tourism and sport purpose), and so on. In the past years, Anfy has completed thousands of model making projects spanning all around the world and through which, Anfy has well developed his proven abilities in projects planning and management as well as the smooth interactions among internal teams and clients.

His mottos are "To emancipate our mind", "Be modest" and "No pain, no gain".


刁福安是K&A的资深项目经理;1999年毕业"工业与民用建筑专业"后一直从事建筑模型行业至今近14年,有丰富的模型策划,设计和制作经验;多年来对规划模型、方案模型、投标模型、售楼模型、室内模型、文体(文化旅游,体育设施)模型等有较丰富的经验和心得,顺利制作数以百计的模型,模型普及达致多个国家和地区;多年的丰富工作经验亦展示出刁先生在"策划, 项目管理和对外交流"的能力并得到广泛认同。


Corporate Value 企业价值


To be a global leading architectural exhibit solution specialist providing unparalleled quality deliverables and differentiated services.




To satisfy the needs and exceed the expectation of the world-wide clienteles in architectural design and property development industries.



Core Values

  • Trust and Integrity
  • Commitment to Client Satisfaction
  • Pursuit of Innovation and Excellence
  • Top-notch Craftsmanship and Deliverables
  • Talent Growth and Development


  • 务实可靠
  • 坚守客户满意的承诺
  • 致力追求创新和卓越
  • 一流的制作质量和工艺
  • 人材培育及发展